Friday, January 30, 2015

Houston to Let's Plan to Win

We are beginning a new chapter in a new year and believe it or not many local artists are still riding the wave from 2014's marginal victories. While this may sound like a solid plan for the new calendar year it can be heartbreaking for the suits and ties who exclaim that "you're only as good as your last hit." Over the years the Houston music scene has had its share of successful runs where a standout talent has emerged and capitalized from the push of a hot single but, very few have actually managed to sustain longevity. Although talent and hard work go hand in hand neither supersedes an artist having an actual plan for their music career. I'm here for the long and restless nights of tracking and recording in the studio, but then what? What do you plan to do with the finished product? Most artists are too busy focusing on the creative aspect of their craft that they tend to overlook the business aspect. Resulting in a solid 6 track EP that nobody heard because you invested most of your time selecting artwork or tweeting through it. It's very important that in 2015 local artist take a different approach to growth and become more business savvy, after all it is the music business. I know what you're thinking becoming more business savvy sounds expensive and you're right but it takes money to make money.
 However, investing in a quality and knowledgeable team can set you apart from your peers. Once you have a team in place create a plan. Thanks to the internet we now have several cost effective systems and applications that make marketing a product simple. As your career advances you'll realize how important it is to utilize your resources when you see your marketing budget from the label. One of my secrets to planning ahead is breaking the year down by quarter and listing ideas and/or goals that I want to accomplish during the time frame. Putting thoughts on paper is a good way to hold yourself and team accountable throughout the year. There is a method to my madness and here are four tips as a parting gift to prepare you for the takeover.
  • Goal Oriented- Set realistic short-term and long-term goals per release or special project.
  • Don't Procrastinate- Time waits for no man. Creative works need to be seen and heard.
  • Trump Competition- Your only competitors should be yourself and yesterday.
  • Be Great- Greatness requires consistency.

A year from now you'll likely forget this post and that's fine..... but remember a year from now we'll see who was really working.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to Texas- All Star Weekend 2013

The 62nd Annual All-Star Game will be held the weekend of February 15-17, 2013 in Houston, Texas. The city of purple sprite will host the weekend long event where many athletes, entertainers, media, and business professionals will enjoy many A-List parties, charity functions, and sporting events. While Houston has been recently crowned as the fastest growing city it will surely be filled with thousands of visitors looking to experience the land of the trill. Despite many of the local residents ill feelings towards the increase in traffic and party admission many are looking forward to experiencing the southern hospitality Houston, TX and their country muffins have to offer. Here are 5 tips for out of towner's looking to experience all that Houston has to offer:

1. Avoid the 59 Southwest Freeway and 610, if possible.
2. Everybody is a promoter during All-Star weekend don't believe the hype.
3. Don't leave without experiencing Houston's landmark Frenchy's Chicken.
4. Clubs close at 2am so have a backup plan if you don't get dressed until 12.
5. What happens in Houston will not stay in Houston.

Here are a couple of events to get you started in enjoying all that Houston has to offer:


Thursday FEB14TH
Slim Thug
all LIVE  on 1 stage!
GO Dj Hi-C & MC Kane providing the tunes!

Friday FEB15TH
Meek Mill
LIVE on 1 stage!
Dj Quicksilva & Dj Drama providing the tunes!
Saturday FEB16TH
Dj QuickSilva & Dj Clue providig the tunes!
To purchase tickets/sections and bottle service contact @peedawacka at the number below
purchase tickets/passes online at the link below!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: The Gift of Discernment

The A's newest and possibly truest trap aficionado, Alley Boy is back with a follow up to his 1st quarter release Nigganati with the mixtape entitled The Gift of Discernment.  The Empire presents,The Gift of Discernment which was released on September 18, stacked with 18 tracks featuring a crop of new hungry producers and artist. While Nigganati was made for a society of people who have been cast out or discriminated against Alley Boy's The Gift of Discernment is about separating the real from the fake.

The mixtapes' intro borrows excerpts from the now classic radio interview of the late trill Chad "Pimp C" Butler. Alley Boy further pays homage to a few southern hip-hop generals in Scarface, Eight Ball & MJG who have been recognized as some of the realest of the art form. As Pimp C's rant fades out over the backbeat the projects first single "Your Favorite Rapper" featuring G.O.O.D music's Pusha T fades in. Alley Boy who has been known to speak his mind about his fellow industry counterparts doesn't miss an opportunity to remind us of his theory repeatedly in the hook "Your favorite rapper's a damn lie". Mix in Pusha T and you have a high energy song that will surely offend your favorite rapper. “I Live This Shit” produced and features the underground’s acclaimed King, Big K.R.I.T who sounds off with a cocky hook over rhythmic bass tones.

However, The Gift of Discernment has a little something for everyone the ladies of course can practice their best twerk routine to songs like “Circles”, “Tattoo”, and “Cream”. Alley Boy slows it down and elevates his content on songs like “Tongue Powerful” and “All For You’ which is a derivative of Lana Del Rey’s seductive ballad “Video Games” produced by Cool & Dre. If you beez in the trap you might identify with “Graduated” or “ All My Life” which features Duct Tape Entertainment Label mate, Trouble. In the song “Apartments” Alley Boy depicts how real it can get in the streets, “Road blocks at the top, and dogs on every block.”As he states in the first verse “only the strongest survive” and the same can be said about the music industry ironically. The music industry is similar in the fact that it is known for harboring shady individuals. Alley Boy’s cover art for The Gift of Discernment is a reminder to beware of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. One who possesses the gift of discernment has the ability to distinguish between the spirit of truth and error and holiness and evil as referenced in the book of Corinthians. We asked Alley Boy what was one thing he wanted listeners to remember about this project he exclaimed, “Stand out by all cost, and watch with your third eye”. We will be watching out for what Alley Boy has in store for the rest of the 4th quarter.

For more information on Alley Boy visit or follow him on Twitter @alleyboydte and download The Gift of Discernment via Live Mixtapes today! Watch Alley Boy's official video ft Pusha T " Your Favorite Rapper" below.

Monday, August 27, 2012

WesCoas'n: Styles Davis If Miles Could Talk Review

Wes Coas, the California born and bred MC recently released his 4th studio album entitled Styles Davis: If Miles Could Talk which loosely pays homage to the legacy of the late great jazz musician Miles Davis. The project is a collection of 11 sundry tracks that intend to solidify Wes Coas as more than just a West Coast rapper. The mash-up of conscious hip-hop and egocentric undertones fused between the album is a good way to please a new generation of music lovers. The album begins with an Intro “If Miles could talk he’ll tell you where I last been, and tell you bout’ my last sin.” One can only imagine where he has been as Miles Davis had his share of troubles throughout his career battling the sins that come along with the fame and fortune of the industry.
 However, Wes Coas does a great job of being a relatable rapper unlike many today who are focused on pushing their million dollar cars, homes, and overly expensive liqueurs down our throats. "In making this album I wanted it to be a voice to the people and let them know that someone else is walking that distance with you. A lot of times as artist with music we continuously put these ideas out but don't have any substance behind them. This album is about controlling your own destiny, questioning yourself, as well as enjoying life.” Previous projects such as Manifest Destiny also encourage listeners to better themselves and their future. I've always made music to inspire, but this time it was about inspiring a feeling “says Wes Coas. The track “Celebrate” produced by Best Kept Secret does a good job balancing the album’s subject matter with its feel good vibe and Tony, Toni, Tone sampled melodies. The current single “When I Knew” is a stand out as it is also Wes Coas’ current single. Many of the tracks on Styles Davis: If Miles Could Talk allow you to identify with Wes Coas the artist.
 Wes Coas has continued to grow his fan base over the past few years participating and headlining shows across the coast and as far as Osaka, Japan where he was actually nominated for Performer of the Year at the Kansai Music Conference. Wes Coas has been living in Houston, Texas since after he graduated high school and has found a way to elevate his Californication in the Land of the Trill touching as many people as he can with his craft. You can hear a few Texasisms’ sporadically throughout the project however it may be hard for some to decipher. Although many artists have been slammed by Texas natives in regards to the heavy use of screw and chopped music, Wes Coas is staying in his own lane and bringing a touch of the West to the South. Just like Miles Davis, Wes Coas assures his supporters that he will continue to put out quality music that will influence a generation to be great or simply just live life to the fullest.

You can find more information about Wes Coas upcoming appearances and releases by visiting or follow him on twitter at make sure you download the album Styles Davis: If Miles Could Talk at

Monday, August 13, 2012

Keeping Up With the Jonzieeee

We recently caught up with Mookie Jones as the smooth and well-versed Houston rapper prepares to release his latest project entitled Mack to find out what it really takes to keep up with the Jonzieeee’s. After sustaining a buzz with his last release P.A.N (Playa Ass Nigga) Mookie Jones continually kept busy by linking with some of the most notable names in the underground with rappers like Jackie Chan, Smoke DZA, and 3rd Coast comrades Killa Kyleon and Big K.R.I.T. When asked how he sees himself either standing out or fitting in with the coined “Texas sound” Mookie replied, “Texas is the home of the playas and pimps; I stand in but I’m outstanding.” Spoken like a true playa Mookie Jones’ precise selection of syncopated yet harmonious beats sets the stage for the August 14th release Mack.  After building a working relationship with Taylor Gang’s go-to producer Cardo, Mookie sought him out to produce the project which was originally suppose to be a 6-8 track EP. The project grew organically after DJ Burn One grew fond of what Mookie had done with a previous recording and continued to send him more music and just like that Mack was born.
 Linking with producers who he felt could capture his cool and match his sound sonically was the ultimate goal for the project. A continuation of underline themes carried over from Mookie’s 2010 release Tuskegee Vol. 1  can be found in tracks like “When I Want” featuring Harlem general, Smoke DZA in which Mookie boast about being able to have any woman he chooses at first listen. If you don’t listen closely you might just miss out on Mack’n 101. Mookie Jones spits the art of pimping from his point of view and hopes that both new and old fans will uncover the top layer and see that his music possesses more depth than the contrary. Mack also bears features from Le$, Big Sant, and SL Jones.  “Don’t judge or get caught up in what I’m rapping about; it’s the game that I’m giving.” In the recent leak “Poetry Vision” featuring Max Julien, Sir Autoo professes “a goal without a plan is just a wish” which Mookie borrowed from his momager. “You have to have a skeleton in place to get the body moving; you can’t just freestyle your life in anything you do, an entry and exit plan is necessary. The only way to dream is dream big.” Yes, Mookie Jones is a pimp, playa, and all of the above but he promises this time around his music will resonate on a visual level with his fans. “My music allows my fans to live life through me. If they’ve never been to the strip club I take them to experience it.” Although Mookie Jones is an avid strip club patron at night his daily routine is pretty normal for a rapper.
 Mookie Jones’ day usually begins with some of the finest OG and him simultaneously checking his email and social media accounts. Music being the main focus he either writes to new beats he’s received or works on new music. Mookie spends the rest of the day running errands, helping friends, handling business with his management, and chauffeuring and supervising the daily activities of his “female friends” as he likes to call them. The day is not complete without hitting the studio since Mookie is constantly writing he needs to somewhere to record the sermon. “The studio is a special place, I love recording, “said Mookie Jones. Mookie shared with us that he already has 3 projects completed with the next release to be entitled Jonizeeee. He is also in the process of helping his sister, Perry Jones who was featured on a couple of tracks from the Tuskegee Vol.1 release including the track “Black Hole” write music for her upcoming project. Mookie loves being in the studio however performing his music for his fans is his passion. “I love rocking my songs on stage it’s where I let the sermon out,” proclaims Mookie.  He got to do just that as Mookie Jones recently joined the Texas leg of the infamous Smoker’s Club Tour. Balancing tour life and the release of a new project can be a hectic but Mookie Jones and the empire are up for the task. Similar to the 70’s blaxploitation film the Mack has the ingredients required of a classic. Cause after all “A pimp is only as good as his product.”

Mack is available for download beginning tomorrow August 14th and can be found at #autoooo To stay updated with upcoming projects and shows follow Mookie Jones on twitter @Mookie_Jones

View the video from the first leak from the Mack featuring Smoke DZA- "When I Want" below.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SXSW 2012 Line-Up

SXSW is back better than before with a host of panels, showcases, and parties for quintessential  film, fashion, and music lovers from all over who will embark on the eclectic city of Austin, Texas. The music week begins March 13-18 and will feature both independent & major artist on the same stage. Below is a running list of a few official and unofficial showcases for SXSW! Please RSVP  and arrive in advance for guaranteed admission. Some showcases are free with the official SXSW wristband. If this is your first time attending SXSW you will need to be prepared, Journalist Brando defines the Do's and Don'ts of SXSW perfectly!
March 13th
XXL Freshman Presents 1100 Warehouse 8-2 pm (f. DJ Chill & DJ Rapid Ric,Kydd, the Nicce Guys,A.Dd+,  The NiceGuys, Hopsin, Future, Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar) 8-2 pm
Nerdcore Presents @ Flamingo Cantina (Teenburger, More or Less, The Thought Criminals, Adam Warrock, Thesis Sahib and more) 8-2am
The Warner Sound- La Zona Rosa (ft Outasight, Theophilus London,Santigold, Chuckie, Doctor P,) 8:30-1:30am
Pitchfork- School Boy Q @ Mohawk Patio 12 am
Pandora x DMX Presents ( Austin Brown, Step Kids, Nneka) @ Clive Bar 609 Davis st 2-6 pm text DMXRSVP to 70626 for Free entry & drinks
MARCH 14th
Fader Fort- Performances from Santigold, Black Hippy, Zola Jesus and more running through 3/18
SOB’s 30th Anniversary (f. Slaughterhouse, Miguel, Machine Gun Kelly, Mystiakl & More) @ Belmont
Pandora Discovery Den- K. Flay, Big K.R.I.T, Young Guru, Theophilus London 8-12 am @ Antone’s
 Surburban Noize Showcase (ft DeLon, Soul Khan,Mickey Avalon,Blaqstarr & more)8-2am @ Club 606
AllHipHop x OGPR Presents Welcome to Texas (ft Marcus Manchild,UZOY,HoodStar Chantz,Gerald G, Doughbeezy n more) 8pm @ Kiss & Fly
Life or Death/R.A.P. Music Presents (ft Cities Aviv, G Side, Davinci, Action Bronson, Killer Mike and more) @ Lustre Pearl
Hotel Vegas Patio ft( Nola Fam, Katey Red, Rusty Lazer, Mannie Fresh, and Juvenile) 7-12 am
Nerdcore 2 Presents- (ft Dual Core, MC Lars, Timbuktu) @ Malaia 8-2am
Doomtree Presents- (ft Doomtree, Dessa, P.O.S, Sims n more) 8-2am @ Scoot Inn
Young California Presents ( Bobby Brackins, Starting Six, Berner, Skeme, J Stalin, Roach Gigz n more) @ Treasure Island 7:45-2 am
Fake Four Presents( Ceschi, Sole, Busdriver, Bleubird n more) @ 512 Rooftop 8-2am
Chop Stars Presents the Chop Lounge ( ft DJ OG Ron C, DJ CandleStick, DJ Chose, DJ Holygrove, DJ Michael 5000 Watts and more) 12-6pm @ 301 District 6th St

MARCH 15th
South By Nice Kicks (f. Action Bronson, XV, Killa Kyleon, STS, Brain Gang Blue, DJ Rapid Ric, Doughbeezy & more) @ Nice Kicks Shop
WHUTUPDOE SXSW Showcase (f. Jarobi, Oddisee, One Be Lo, Apollo Brown, Clear Soul Forces, Kooley High & more) @ The Whiskey Room
Eleven8, Miss Dimplez & DJ Hella Yella Present Unrefined Hype @ Bat Bar (ft Jhene Aiko, Lecrae, Skewby, Talib Kweli & more)
Coast to Coast DJS Music Industry Mixer (ft GhostWridah, Roccett, Khleo Thomas n more) showcase performances by Onehunnidt,  Killa Kid, The Peddlers, and more @ Lucky Lounge 9pm-2am
S.O. Terik Presents (Jay Rock,Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q) @ Clive Bar 10-1 am
Audible Treats Presents ( SL Jones, Tanya Morgan, Moe Green, L.E.P Bogus Boys, Dudley Perkins, Talib Kweli) @ Kiss & Fly 8-2am
Warner Sound Captured by Nikon Presents ( Kirko Bangz, Currensy, Meek Mill, XV, Wale, Stalley, B.O.B, T.I) 8-1
Music Matters Presents The Stage on Sixth (Nneka, Miguel, Marsha Ambrosius, Big Sean) 8-2 am
The Stage on Sixth patio ( Don Trip, Stalley, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, Big K.R.I.T, Smoke DZA
Malaia (Reks, Staik Skeletah, Termanology, EPMD n more)

Chop Stars Presents the Chop Lounge ( ft DJ OG Ron C, DJ CandleStick, DJ Chose, DJ Holygrove, DJ Michael 5000 Watts and more) 12-6pm @ 301 District 6th St
DJsDoingWork & League of Extraordinary Gz Presents Welcome to Austin @ Complete Clothing 1904 Guadalupe St #C free food & drinks
Twenty20 Music & Presents Indie Life Concert ( Statik Selektah, Termanology, Emiliio Rojas, Phil Ade, Oddisee, Big Sant, Hendrick Law) @ Agave Bar 6:30-1:30
ScoreMore x IllRoots Presents Illmore- The Mansion Party 1-7 pm secret location
Knuckle Rumbler x The Smoking Section Presents 4th Annual Grand Ole Party-( Sir Michael Rocks, XV,Chevy Woods, Dee-1) @Peckerhead 12pm

MARCH 16th
Writer’s Block (f. Lil Dee, The Plane Jane, Lyrikill, SpitRaw, Lyriqs, Justified & more) @ Kick Butt Coffee
Coast to Coast DJS Music Industry Mixer (ft Short Dawg, Termanology, LEP Bogus Boys n more) with showcase performances from Feenom, Skinny Joey, DIRTY-J, Marvelous Mike D, Trill Treal & more @ Lucky Lounge 8pm-2am
Vibe Magazine x Cashmere Agency x MMXLII Presents Breeding Ground @ Kiss & Fly 8-2am (ft.  Travis Porter, Don Trip, The Airplane Boys, Big Krit, Trae the Truth, Juvenile, and Mystikal)
SPIN Presents-  Santigold, Big K.R.I.T, Bethany Cosentino @ Stubb’s BBQ
Signature Sounds Presents (No One, Focus ,Skyzoo, Slum Village n more) @ Buca Lounge 7:45-12
Biz 3 Presents (Skrillex, The Cool Kids, Asher Roth n more)@ 1100 Warehouse 8:30-2am
Green Label  Sound  Presents (RAC, Mac Miller, Juicy J n more) @ Club De Ville 9-2 am
Moodswing 360 Presents ( Shanell, Zak Waters,DEV, Don Trip, Black Cards, Iggy Azalea n more) @ Haven 7:30-2 am
Blacksmith Duck Down Presents (Staik Selektah,Talib Kweli, Pharoache Monch n more) @ La Zona Rosa 9-1:15am
Malaia Upstairs- DJ Rapid Ric, Energizer the DJ, DJ Amen, hosted by Jon B & Play-N-Skillz 8-1:30
Shady 2.0 Presents (50 Cent, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf) @ Austin Music Hall doors open at 7pm
Shade 45 x Rap Presents Next Phase (Big Krit, School Boy Q, Action Bronson, Don Trip) @ Austin Music Hall
The Juice Presented by Eleven 8, Miss Dimplez, DJ Hella Yella- Official DJ Showcase
BombOnEm Presents Beats, Rhymes, & Alcohol #RedCupParty (PlayBoyTre, Sean Faylon n more) @ Dynamics 1-7pm x 8732 Apparel x MTV2 Sucka Free Present Bout Dat Life Showcase-( Yo Gotti, A$AP Rocky, Starlito, Slick Pulla, Killa Kyleon, n more) @ Deco Lounge 1pm-3am

MARCH 17th
A3C’s Official SXSW Showcase (f. Mobb Deep, Freeway, Brother Ali, Consequence,Killa Kyleon Terry Urban Emilio Rojas&; more) @ Old Emo’s
Vibe Magazine x Cashmere Agency x MMXLII Presents “Respect the West” (ft Pac Dive, Strong Arm Steady, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle) @ Kiss & Fly 8-2am
Balcony Bunk’n Presented by (ft Streetz n Young Deuces, Jeff Johnson, Yung Texxus, Kiotti, Suave Up Ent n more)1pm @ 6th St & Brazos
KORG x Fuse Frequency Presents- ( Idle Warship, School Boy Q, Dawn Richard, 9th Wonder & Terrace Martin) @ Cielo 505 Neches 1pm
Texas Showdown ( Le$, M.U.G., Fat Tony, Tum Tum, Delo, Mookie Jones, Slim Thug) @ Barberaella Patio 611 Red River 1-12pm

For more information about #SXSW2012 visit the official site at

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: Through the Eyes of Twitter

This year was filled with tumultuous moments to say the least. We witnessed some events in pop culture that will leave lasting memories throughout this decade. It wasn’t hard to stay current with the best and worst moments of 2011 if you had an active account on any social network, primarily Twitter. Twitter, a mobile social networking site originally created to rival Facebook in 2006 and to keep a group of friends connected through SMS messages. Throughout the years of existence and the introduction to the masses we have seen the site grow with over 300 million users. It has become the hub of communication for news media, business owners, celebrities, and for everyday people like you and me.
Through 140 characters we have been exposed to the miracles of Photoshop, death, divorce, beef, and a host of unwarranted music links. Users of the site also united to aid in charitable donations via RT, aid in the discovery of missing persons, and expressed their condolences during losses of public figures. Twitter is a form of entertainment in its own right. On any given day in 2011 a celebrity was killed off, relationships were tested, and sexual preferences were challenged. While some used the site to pass time at work, create a false identity, and practice idolatry (celebrities) many actually used the site to create awareness for their business or cause. Let’s face it 2011 was filled with unforgettable moments and we all jumped on Twitter to share our thoughts about each one. Who can forget the hash tag that changed the dynamics of Twitter #winning thanks to Charlie Sheen and his outlandish outburst after being booted from the hit show ,”Two and Half Men” everyone began to overly exude how they were winning. TweetTV, became a staple for award shows and reality TV programs in 2011. When production and television companies got wind of how users on Twitter were engaging in dialect about their show they had no other choice but to incorporate it in programming (Hence twitter chats and trending topics). When Beyonce announced her hip-hop royal bun in the oven she broke Twitter records with most tweets per second.
 There were also moments of controversy with the reminder of how inconsistent our judicial system is when the verdict for Casey Anthony was read many took to their Twitter page to express how they disagreed with the non-guilty verdict. The same feelings resonated with the execution of Troy Davis. Petitions to try and stop the execution were floating on many threads however it wasn’t enough to save the life of Troy Davis. In the sports world both the NFL and NBA lockouts were trending topics in which many voiced their opinions of what commissioners Roger Goddell and David Stern should do. While many users were tortured with tweets of possible mixtape releases and tweets period from unemployed athletes. In 2011 Americans were restored with hope of love through the union of the young British couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Too bad that hope dwindled when attention-seeking reality whore Kim Kardashian announced her marriage and divorce via twitter. The 72 day marriage sparked the trend #ThingsLongerThanKimKMarriage.
 Recently, visionary and businessman Steve Jobs passed away in which many people took to their twitter accounts to share just how important his contribution was to the digital age and the advancement of technology. Through the eyes of Twitter the year of 2011 was no short of comical, invigorating, and inspiring. With 2012 just around the corner we can only hold on to the memories and anticipate what 2012 will be like.

Notable Moments of 2011:
• Oprah ends the Oprah Show and starts the OWN network
• The Death of Osama Bin Laden
• Conrad Murray verdict
• Death of Amy Winehouse
• Death of Hip-Hop Legend Heavy D
• Scandals: Bishop Eddie Long and Jerry Sandusky
• Kat Stacks
• Gucci Mane ice cream face tattoo
• Justin Beiber, Baby Daddy?